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i'm london, & i live in los angeles, where the softies fan base is comprised of a solid six members. they're one of my favorite bands, & i go around singing their songs quite often. i can't help it; they're melody masters.

i think my current favorite song of the softies' is "you and only you."

your eyes are like poetry
your lips are so sugary
you're altogether wonderful to behold

i never thought that i would hear
you say that i'm who you hold dear
more than anyone else,
at least not in the same way

i've been thinking about you & only you
i've been thinking about you & only you

you are like the morningtime
full of promise yet to find
i'm dazzled everytime
i realize you're mine

i never thought that i would see
the day that you become to me
and ask forgiveness for the time you let go by

i've been thinking about you & only you
i've been thinking about you & only you

did you find a four-leaf clover
did you hope that i'd come over
here i am, and i might never leave again

i never thought that i would be
so close to you that i could see
the way your hair goes wavy when you wake up
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I heart the softies and play them on my radio show in Riverside. Also played all Girl summer Fun Band today which is partly softies. Does Riverside count as LA? then you have 7.
!! agsfb & the softies on the radio? i'm terribly excited.

is it webcast? if so, may i have the link? Fridays 11am-1pm
that's my current favorite as well. yes it is.
p.s. i like your name a lot, london.
thanks! my (semi) full name: london washington. i'd never change it. i don't know what i'll do if i get married!
!london washington, i am envious!

you could always keep your name. but you don't have to. but i would!
i think i might.

you look a bit like my friend's sister, nancy, by the way.
fancy meeting you here.
we meet just about everywhere it seems.
one of them being me. i remember us singing to the softies together one day.
we're boss as eff.
no one around here knows who the softies are besides... me and my brother, and my mom likes them too lol, 'you and only you' is one of my favorites too but 'snow like this' is my very favorite.

ahh "snow like this" comes in second!

nice to meet you, too!
though snow like this is my favorite song, Winter Pageant has to be my favorite c.d!
hi- i'm in l.a. too, well the san fernando valley, which is los angeles' nostril. i don't know anyone who likes agsfb or the softies or has even heard of most of the stuff i like in my neck of the woods. bloody heathens... and my favorite softies songs are 'an awful mess' and 'favorite shade of blue'. did they really break up? i hadn't heard...
haha, "nostril."

did they?! i've heard it hinted, but never confirmed...
it would be really cute if your middle name was bridget.

London Bridget has a really cute ring to it! and also makes me think of that song nursery rhyme.
haha london is cute!
plus, ghost world!
yeah i love that movie but i love the comic 5 times more!